I am a designer, technologist, entrepreneur,
& human being

I relish challenging the status quo, and always seek to understand how to improve an experience or product. My ability to ask the right questions , probe deeply and iterate aggressively helps me to solve complex problems.

At the heart of what makes me thrive is my curiosity. Coupled with my rapid learning ability and determination it allows me to dive deep into previously uncharted territories and fluently grasp them.

My design education and hands-on multidisciplinary experience helps me identify human behavior patterns, translate them into opportunities for exploration, and rapidly prototype tools to validate them, or not.

I build products & companies to elevate people

I most recently founded my first venture backed company to explore new market opportunities in shared living. I built a world class team, raised over $1M from a Fortune 500 Company, and spent 3 years developing physical and digital products.

Once I single-handily built a peer-to-peer supper sharing platform from scratch. In 8 weeks I designed the platform and learned Ruby on Rails to engineer it. For years it operated before it was eventually acquired.

I was hired as a Creative Director for a user acquisition platform, used by millions, to update their brand. What they really needed was a new platform and a team to build it. I helped acquire the team and together we updated the brand and built the new platform.

I learned agile development while engineering a social gifting platform. Before that I designed and engineered a conscious consumption e-commerce platform to help unknown producers in India share their stories and sell products.

My foray into technology was building web-based tools to help the City of San Francisco and the State of California manage communications for multiple large scale public works projects.

Sometimes I consult with ad agencies to help brands like Google, Starbucks and Jay-z connect with their communities by creatively leveraging technology.

Here’s what people have
said about me...

"Scott’s a joyous genius. And by that I mean he’s whipsmart and a prize-worthy pleasure to work with. He knows so much about so much and shares it all, welcoming you fully into the idea so together you can explore it..."

"Scott quickly became a natural leader and was able to coordinate with multiple teams and projects in parallel while still building the company..."

"He lead our diversely talented team by example - graciously sharing his endless knowledge and passion for technology, innovation, and design in collaboration with absolute devotion to ‘make it right’..."

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